1. What is your per hour rate? How much do projects cost? Be wary of consultants that are afraid to give out their hourly rate! Our rate is $90/hr. We quote projects and usually give a fixed quote. We are very cost competitive.
  2. Where are you located? Should I find a local consultant to work with? We’re based in Utah and serve clients throughout US and Canada. We have found that by using collaboration tools like gotomeeting and teamviewer, we can provide superior customer service. We have delivered hundreds of projects remotely, and have this down to a science.
  3. I have tight deadline requirements. Can you accommodate quick delivery? Yes. Many times people reach out to a consultant when their in-house resources are tied up and they need quick response. We will respond to quotes immediately. For projects, our standard delivery is something like: 1-2 hours same day or next day. 3-4 hours: usually next day or day after. 6-10 hours: 3-5 business days. 20+ hours: one week + 20 hours/week. Yes, we can delivery a complex 40 hour project in three weeks.
  4. I see you work with some large companies. I’m just a small business owner working out of my house and don’t have a huge budget. Will you work with me? Of course! Many of our clients are just like you. Give us a call and let’s talk through your needs.
  5. I’d like to learn. Can you train me or guide me while I do the project? Our specialty is project work. We love to do follow up work and future phases on our projects, but we don’t want our clients to be chained to us forever. We partner with our clients to help them take over maintenance, understand projects and how to make changes. This is usually basic stuff like formulas, pivot tables, some Access query, report, or form design help. Most of our projects incorporate VBA, and that’s not real easy to learn for most users. Training is not our core offering.
  6. Do you give free help? No, but you can look through the tutorial pages here on this site and maybe you can find an answer to your question.
  7. Will you keep my business information and data confidential? We are a USA based company. We take confidentiality very seriously. We will sign NDA forms with you if required, but confidentiality is assumed on all our projects. We will not share your data with others. Everything we build for you, you will own. We retain no rights to any technology we develop for you.

    From Rob Terry, principal consultant:

    I worked for 15 years for companies in roles where I worked in Excel and Access the entire day, and I was very good. I moved out on my own and started ExcelAccessConsultant.com in 2010. I quickly realized my Excel/Access/VBA skills would need to drastically improve if I were going to market myself as a true expert. Clients called me with the toughest problems and each day was a learning experience. I had to google for programming code and experiment a lot. Now, after delivering numerous, successful Excel and Access projects, and I can say I am a true, nationally respected Excel/Access/VBA expert. I speak at conferences, do corporate training, and deliver best in class solutions.

    I have applied the same standard in attracting talented consultants as the company grew. We have been able to reach out to some of the best VBA consultants and programmers in the world to join our team.
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  • I needed an Excel macro that had a lot of moving parts. Rob helped me spec out exactly what I needed, then delivered the exact functionality, on time. He's a professional.
    Travis Van, ITDatabase
  • I have used ExcelAccessConsultant.com with great satisfaction for many years and continue to use their services. Their ability to efficiently and effectively devise elegant solutions to complex problems is unsurpassed in this space. I could not recommend EAC more highly.
    Justin Barr , Managing Principal, Loan Workout Advisers, LLC.
  • The Access project ExcelAccessConsultant did for me was on time and exceeded the specifications.
  • (Access project) Rob does excellent work and is a pleasure to work with. He knows his stuff and is very thoughtful about putting solutions together to solve problems. Most importantly, he's extremely collaborative; I feel as though he is a true partner when we work on something together. I hope we get to work together again.
    Bart Schwartz, Industrial Channel Research
  • ExcelAccessConsultant was awesome. I contacted them with my problem. They created a simply spread sheet with formulas that cut my work in half. This project was done in 1 day.
    Kim Shower, Maximum Day Services
  • Excel Access Consultant always delivers a great product on time and within budget. They make sure the customer is happy with the end product. They make sure on the front end that the deliverables are clear so that no time is needed on the back end to correct formatting, calcs, etc.
    Glen Casanova, Principal Consultant, Cobia Capital
  • Rob took the time to listen to my needs and work with me to understand my Access project. His work exceeded my expectations.
    Dino Accettone, Accettone Funeral Home Ltd
  • I found EAC via Google search. In the search field I entered "Excel Guru" - enough said!
    Genie Wood, Marketing Director, TBS Factoring Service
  • EAC has a thorough and professional-level understanding of Access reports. We will definitely call upon them with any of our Access needs.
  • EAC did a very good job and in a very timely manner. I would use ExcelAccessConsultant again and recommend them.
  • Rob did an excellent job customizing an Excel spreadsheet that meet our company's need to manage information. He was very responsive and delivered the product in a timely manner. We are very pleased with the entire process and the results. I will not hesitate to use Rob for the company's future needs.
    Alex Leung, Artichoke Joe's Casino
  • I found Rob when searching the internet. During the project, I was always able to contact Rob directly (as advertised!) and the quality of his work and meeting time schedules exceeded my expectations. Rob is a true professional and I'm very pleased that I choose him for my excel project! Rob was a pleasure to work with and was very fair with billings--thanks again, Rob!
    Darwin Brown, B4CRM
  • Excellent service and response time. I had a tight deadline and EAC was able to work with me to achieve the deadline.
  • The excel project worked better than I expected it could and made my client very happy.
  • Rob showed me he was extremely adept at writing some very difficult codes for a spreadsheet project I worked on.
    Jay Jennings, North Texas Surfaces
  • I contacted EAC with a relatively small project, but needed it fast. They delivered quickly and even helped with a small revision quickly.
  • Rob listened to my needs and figured out a solution. His work was timely and he was always responsive. Excellent to work with.
    John Kelly, Managing Director, Janney Capital Markets
  • EAC is customer focused and provides an excellent level of service. They are responsive and also highly capable. I highly recommend the services.
  • Rob was very responsive and made adjustments to the project due to some of the miscommunications on my end that made the project more complicated than needed. In the end, Rob sorted it out and we have a functional simple program that is saving us a significant amount of time. Thanks Rob!
  • We had a project which would have taken me days to create, I sent it to Rob over a holiday weekend and it was done when I came in the next morning.
  • Responded quickly and accurately. Just what I needed.
  • On time . Nailed it first time. Extremely satisifed.
    JR Fogarty, Managing Member, Paradise Enterprises, LLC
  • We needed help fast! We are a medical laboratory that tests 25% of this nation’s blood supply and are under strict FDA regulations for obvious safety reasons. Mr. Terry provided us with a swift, accurate system that not only performed as expected but continues to function. We automated tube the check-in process and Mr. Terry’s system checks every tube # for accuracy and duplication (average of 22,000 tubes per week). The system was supposed to be temporary but is still going strong 7 months later. I do not hesitate to recommend Mr. Terry. Not only did he respond quickly, he stayed around to make sure his work was appropriate for our needs.
    Harry Felker, Database Administrator, Laboratory Information Management Creative Testing Solutions
  • Rob was great to work with. Understood my needs and delivered a solution to fit my needs.
  • Rob took the time to listen and fully understand what I was trying to accomplish, both tactically and strategically. He then came up with suggestions and executed the project in a timely and efficient manner. His support after the project was outstanding too!
    Frank Weber, Ask Forensics
  • The answers to my questions were explained in a way that I could understand and the results were outstanding.
    Wilfred Dennis